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Marshall Curtis Communications partners with purpose‑led organizations to give voice to vision, shape strategy and fuel growth. From large companies to ambitious start-ups, we help brands make something meaningful.

Great stories last.

Geoff Curtis is passionate about creating brands that are personal, honest and built to stand the test of time.

With a heart for purpose-led endeavors, Geoff sees client challenges as his own and works side by side to help organizations make a meaningful impact on the people they serve. Prior to founding Marshall Curtis Communications, he spent more than 25 years building a corporate communications career and recently led the creation of a corporate affairs function at Horizon Therapeutics. This transformative effort at Horizon helped the global biotech company reshape its image, reputation and visibility from scratch and embrace a dramatic shift from a static corporate brand to an approachable and truly human brand.

Work has always been deeply personal for Geoff. In naming the firm, he honors his family heritage with “Marshall,” the middle name shared by generations dating back to his great, great, great grandfather.

Our service offering is thoughtfully designed to help organizations successfully navigate the critical stages of brand strategy and communications development, from identifying a compelling true north to strengthening the impact of leaders and teams.

Every organization needs sharply defined external and internal communications strategies. From thought leadership, media relations and executive visibility to employee engagement and change management communications, we serve as a trusted thought partner to bring your brand vision to life.

An organization’s positioning and story are its currency. We help clients create messaging and narratives from the ground up or maximize and refine existing frameworks to build meaningful connections with key audiences.

The communications and corporate affairs functions are key assets and drivers in an organization’s growth. Whether you are building a new function or have an established team in place, we serve as an advisor on structure, reporting approach and efficiency.

Deliberate and focused coaching and mentoring are key catalysts for developing high-performing teams. We focus our offering to support employees at every stage of the journey, from early career to senior-level leadership.

Whether your business is just beginning or you’re navigating a period of change, we can help you move forward with clarity and meaning.

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